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Sunday Afternoon and Other Poems

Title               Sunday Afternoon and Other Poems
Author          Akram Najjar 
Price              $4.99 
Published     Februart 2017
ISBN               978-3-9614-2354-5
Size                21 pages (1900 words) 
Language      English  

n 1984, Akram wrote his first poem, having been drawn to poetry since his teens. He wrote several more and realized soon that many were focusing on internal emotional issues, particular to Akram. That gave him a jolt. He retracted by destroying most of the poems he had written. He also stopped reading poets whose only concern was internal rumblings. He concentrated on poets with universal, humanistic or philosophic yearnings. Luckily, there are many of these poets. Since then, his poems, even though some are in the first person singular, always attempt to move out of the personal and the autobiographical.

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Table of Contents

Once a Week
About to Sing
In a New City
Ode to Death
And So I Danced
Sunday Afternoon
The Night
Waiting Till the End of the World