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Alert: Unzipping Issue

Some readers found that downloaded files ​cannot be unzipped
(Maybe due to native Windows/MAC applications). 
If you come across this issue, please use WINZIP to unzip the files.
Here is a link to download a 21 day fully functional trial version.

Other readers copied the password but inadvertantly copied the end space with it.
Please ensure that only the characters get copied. 
If all else fails, please contact the author . . . .

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The Mascot of the Website: The Hidden Paw

The mascot for the books is The Hidden Paw, T. S. Eliot's Macavity the Mystery Cat. Click Here to read the poem and you will see how the Hidden Paw is a puzzle on his own.

The Publisher

All books are published by the Gatekeeperpress, Columbos, Ohio, USA

Other Books by the Author

Akram has written 6 Technical Books

And 3 Puzzle books and 1 Card Tricks book