Marginal Stories

Stories for Children Young and Old

TitleStories for Children Young and Old
AuthorAkram Najjar
PublishedDecember 2016
Size37 pages (15,500 words)

Akram has always been fascinated by the way children think. He believes that somewhere along the line, we spoil their imagination and creative outlook. This eBook remembers how children can easily absorb the magical and the fantastic. It introduces 9 stories Akram believes children will absorb probably more than adults. A king who duplicates time after an unfortunate incident. Another king who duplicates space, or alternatives, after another unfortunate incident. Members of six different professions tell stories about things that happen to them during their work, incidents that we do not normally associate with them. Finally, the two rabbits, Moaner and Groaner and how they changed their life.

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Table of Contents 

The King - One

The King - Two

Six Professions

   1) The Taxi Driver

   2) The Waitress

   3) The Hairdresser

   4) The Nurse

   5) The Policeman

   6) The Postman

Moaner and Groaner, the Two Rabbits